With the U.S. and mostly Belgian server, the full power of PureVPN does come out. The service invariably accelerates our download and upload speeds, except when we connect the Android app to the United States. Here, the upload speed remains at 81.09 percent. In that case, however, the download speed does get higher, at a whopping 146.23 percent. Connected to a Belgian server, the download speeds just barely double.

Extremely large offer

Not only when we look at the speed, but also when we take into account the number of servers, PureVPN performs above average. The VPN service has servers in no less than 141 different countries. Dwarf states like Liechtenstein are not missing from the list, and the service also has a server in China. No other app offers servers in so many countries. ExpressVPN comes closest to this extensive offering, with support for 94 countries and nord vpn free @ turkey is an option of Globalwatchonline.TR

Despite the fact that PureVPN is very comprehensive and fast, the price is certainly not too bad compared to its competition. You pay 4.84 euros per month when you choose the free trial period with a 40 percent discount thereafter. The price drops, for example, only below three euros per month for a three-year subscription with CyberGhost. For 4.84 euros a month, you can install apps on ten devices and use these devices simultaneously with the nordvpn review.

Specialized modes

On the Windows app, you can choose from five different modes for specific purposes, while the Android app contains four modes. The first mode, Stream, can be found in both apps and is most likely the one you are most interested in. By using this mode, PureVPN optimizes your connection to stream movies in the best possible way.

In the Windows app, you can choose from several streaming services that you want to unblock. You can choose from Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix, among others. PureVPN gives you the choice of countries with the most interesting offerings, which is usually the United States. In this mode, PureVPN unblocks blocked websites, enables fast streaming and makes sure you browse anonymously. With the Android app, you can’t choose from a list of streaming services. The app only optimizes your connection with najbolje vpn top 10 @ croatia.

Who values privacy, best use the privacy mode. In addition to anonymous browsing, PureVPN now also enables a secure connection and DNS protection. Furthermore, you can visit blocked websites using the Internet Freedom option and the file-sharing mode allows you to download torrents, among other things. Finally, on Windows you can use the dedicated IP mode, which optimizes your internet speed.

User-friendly options

All settings used by the modes can also be set manually through the advanced options. The fact that PureVPN takes over this work from you for the most common usage scenarios’s a big plus. It ensures that everyone can enjoy an optimized connection, regardless of their knowledge about VPN services