5 Foods That Help You Stay Awake


Admit it, we all have experienced trying to stay awake especially on holy hours in the afternoon, we ate and drank whatever foods and drinks that we think will help us be alert and mindful. Yet our heavy eyelids begin to close and before we know it, we’re in dreamland while at work (yikes). You wouldn’t want to be scolded by your boss right? So here are 5 foods that will hopefully help you stay awake.


  1. TEA > COFFEE – Most of us thought that coffee is the only thing that’ll help us stay awake but so can tea. Tea, like coffee, help boost alertness but healthier and has antioxidants which is the opposite of coffee. So if you wanna stay awake for work but also want a healthy lifestyle then choose tea over coffee, it has more healthy benefits.

  2. FRUITS > CHIPS – As tasty and addicting chips are, we all know how unhealthy they are. So if you already chose to live a healthy life then start eating fruits for snacks than those chips since we all know the nutrients most fruits have and how they help us stay awake through the day. They help us be healthy-fit, boost our immune system and help us be stronger than before.

  3. DARK CHOCOLATE > MILK CHOCOLATE – We may think that chocolates are the same but no, dark chocolates are much healthier than the others. Most chocolates do help keep us awake but with dark chocolates, they not only keep us awake, they also have antioxidants, they help produce serotonin and endorphin which helps us concentrate and focus high and are best Mothers day gift ideas. So the next time you choose a chocolate to eat to help you stay awake and alert, dark chocolate are a much healthier choice.

  4. CHICKEN MEAT – Good news to all chicken lovers like me out there! Thankfully chicken is also a healthy food to eat when you want to stay awake during holy hours in work. Chicken is full of iron and eating enough chicken help boost our energy levels while it helps shoot up our mental activity. So chicken, lessens drowsiness while it helps improve memory and concentration. Hooray for chicken!

  5. SPINACH – Last but definitely not the least food to help us stay awake is spinach, green, leafy and very much healthy spinach. As part of the healthy veggies family, spinach is also one of the many food that will help you stay awake at work. Helps boost energy when you’re feeling drowsy and helps you be alert. Spinach also helps prevent dementia since spinach is full of lutein folate and beta-carotene, so you’ll feel much healthier eating veggies instead of processed food.

The World Has Always Been Your Runway – 4 quotes


Feeling a bit down lately? Like the world is so against you. Or worse! Feeling so out of fashion? Or even your lifestyle is getting out of hand. Then worry no more, you’re not alone in battling reality. As much as you want to focus on your self-improvement but got overwhelmed by it, look around, people are struggling as you are. We all just have to inspire and motivate ourselves.



Here are 4 quotes that’ll hopefully lighten up your mood and help you see the brighter side of things:

     1) “Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good.”

  • Kudos! To whoever made this quote, I salute you! Truly, confidence is the key to everything. Confidence somehow gets rid of your fears even if you fake it, no one will notice that anyway (LOL). Experimenting on your #OOTD? Be confident and it will radiate in everyone you even just pass by to. The world is your runway after all, so rock that outfit!



     2) “You only fail when you stop trying.”

  • Couldn’t agree more to whoever wrote this uplifting quote. Aiming for fit and healthy body? Gotta work hard on that ya know, but always keep in mind that you are doing this for you and your self-improvement. Pleasing everyone will get you nowhere, if you wanna get fit and healthy, do it for you because you know it’ll be good for you.



    3) “I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.”

  • Wipes invisible tears, whoever made this quote must be winning at life. People these days are so pressured about how others are way ahead of them, not even thinking the hardships and patience it cost them to be where they are now. Go on your own pace, take slowly but surely and focus on your own goal and how are you achieving them one by one. Think positive, always; be humble and be kind.

    Some expert says :

Invest your time in your own Goals instead of getting yourself into competition

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    4) “You are never fully dressed without a smile.”

  • Nods instinctively, right in all places there writer. Even when you feel lazy and put on a lazy outfit, when you have your gorgeous smile you can rock the world. A smile can even be contagious that when you see someone smiling so wide, so happy, you unconsciously smile as well and then you don’t notice it but your day is now good. A simple smile can brighten anyone even when they’re having a bad day so make sure to inspire others out there by smiling.

Tips to Achieve that Instagram-Worthy Picture

In the world today, people take pictures of everything they do and wherever they are. In restaurants, people take pictures first before eating. In the beach, people take bikini photos before taking a dip in the ocean. In beautiful places, people take photos first before exploring and taking in the beautiful views. There are a lot of Instagram users who have beautifully curated feeds filled with great photos that may seem hard to achieve.


It’s not that hard to have that Instagram worthy photo that’s eye catching and worth liking. All you have to do is follow the following simple tips.


Catch the light.

Lighting is a very important element in a photo and make sure you have that in your photo. Whether you’re into a bright photos or a darker type, the subject of the photo must have the right amount of light . If it’s just positioned properly and if the whole photo is carefully composed, then you’re good to go.


Find a nice background.

What’s a great picture if it has an unpleasant background? Unless your phone blurs the background for you, you need somewhere that looks good. It also helps to look for a background that matches your feed, especially if you have a signature look going on in your photos.


Your outfit helps.

If you’re planning to have an Instagram-worthy photo with you in it, might as well dress nicely while you’re at it right? Aside from good lighting, and a nice background, make it more eye catching with what you’re wearing. Pose like a model and bam! You’ve got a perfect photo in your camera roll. People love photos especially with you in it because you’re so beautiful it makes it more irresistible.


Explore the editing settings.

Capturing a good photo is one thing, editing is whole different story. Enhance colors and lighting, adjust size and rotation, crop if you have to, and add a grainy effect if you want to. Once you understand what the editing options do, you can up your Instagram game anytime you can. You can play around and experiment with the kind of photo settings you want so the next time you edit, you already know what to do quickly.  


Experiment with photo editing apps.

There are many apps to help you edit your photos and make them look good for you feed. You can try Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO, Pics Art, and many more! Different apps have different styles and ways of editing. Just like what’s said above, don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with the many ways you can make your photo look good.


Know what kind of photos you like.

Search a lot of known Instagrammers or influencers who have great feeds and know about the different kinds of photos and photograph styles. There are people who love grainy photos, there are those whose feeds are filled with drone shots, there are also those who have high quality, bright and colorful photos. Check what matches your personality and don’t be afraid to go for it!