The World Has Always Been Your Runway – 4 quotes


Feeling a bit down lately? Like the world is so against you. Or worse! Feeling so out of fashion? Or even your lifestyle is getting out of hand. Then worry no more, you’re not alone in battling reality. As much as you want to focus on your self-improvement but got overwhelmed by it, look around, people are struggling as you are. We all just have to inspire and motivate ourselves.



Here are 4 quotes that’ll hopefully lighten up your mood and help you see the brighter side of things:

     1) “Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good.”

  • Kudos! To whoever made this quote, I salute you! Truly, confidence is the key to everything. Confidence somehow gets rid of your fears even if you fake it, no one will notice that anyway (LOL). Experimenting on your #OOTD? Be confident and it will radiate in everyone you even just pass by to. The world is your runway after all, so rock that outfit!



     2) “You only fail when you stop trying.”

  • Couldn’t agree more to whoever wrote this uplifting quote. Aiming for fit and healthy body? Gotta work hard on that ya know, but always keep in mind that you are doing this for you and your self-improvement. Pleasing everyone will get you nowhere, if you wanna get fit and healthy, do it for you because you know it’ll be good for you.



    3) “I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.”

  • Wipes invisible tears, whoever made this quote must be winning at life. People these days are so pressured about how others are way ahead of them, not even thinking the hardships and patience it cost them to be where they are now. Go on your own pace, take slowly but surely and focus on your own goal and how are you achieving them one by one. Think positive, always; be humble and be kind.

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    4) “You are never fully dressed without a smile.”

  • Nods instinctively, right in all places there writer. Even when you feel lazy and put on a lazy outfit, when you have your gorgeous smile you can rock the world. A smile can even be contagious that when you see someone smiling so wide, so happy, you unconsciously smile as well and then you don’t notice it but your day is now good. A simple smile can brighten anyone even when they’re having a bad day so make sure to inspire others out there by smiling.

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